Evan Chung

Typically it’s hard for people to realize that there is a world outside of the country they live in yet alone the city. However the irony of this is that we have copious sources, and access to the world.

To my left there is my blackberry. To my dead center my laptop. To my right my Itouch.

All three of these mediums can literally give me every piece of information available to man….. seriously anyone want to know how to design and build a Large Hardon Collider??


BAM…. This is a super machine that took 30 years to build and several billions of dollars, thats billions with a B. I also just thought of something random, large and expensive to build typed in how to build it into google, and About 521,000 results (0.14 seconds) appeared thanks google! Or hey what I REALLY need is this.

What my issue with having these mediums, is that we abuse them for what they are truthfully worth. I imagine it understandable in 1914 for people to not understand what was going on in the world, BUT even they knew that there was a war going on in Europe. Today I talked to THREE different people about the riots in Egypt, two of them didn’t even know where Egypt was.

One thought Egypt was Macs new operating system.


NOT Egypt

What is wrong with our society where we truthfully don’t appreciate any of these amazing gifts we have in our day, and age? Perhaps its a situation where if we took in all of the information we wouldn’t be able to handle it have mental breakdowns….. but I feel if there were 30 million Canadians having mental breakdowns simulatenously there would be greater strides to peace in the middle east, or a stable India/Pakistan relationship.

But, hey I love ordering take out from my computer, while simultaneously enjoying text messaging 3 different people at the same time. That is after all what life aspirations should be. Who needs a B. Comm. or to read a newspaper I’ve got a Blackberry.


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